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Blacklight Paintings

From Day...

...To Night

Exposition Castle Nemerlaer

In the winter of 2012-2013 I was invited to make a blacklight exposition in Castle Nemerlaer (Brabant, Holland) around the theme 'Party'.
It became a true fairytale room, in which it was possible to spend the night.
My space was very much appreciated by the visitors, and received the most votes.

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An exposition in the dark

In a mysterious world of luminescent colours in the dark I feel very comfortable. The world and reality resemble a fairytale. I use this in my work by painting with two kinds of paint. This way a painting can have a totally different appearance during the day and during the night. You have two paintings in one.

The video on the right (a collaboration project) was captured in blacklight. It contains shots of my fluorescent paintings and objects. Eventually I created an exhibition with them. I organised this exhibition as a celebration of my wedding. A big article in the papers told people about this show, and it became truly mesmerizing.

TWILIGHT - Video Presentation

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Bodypainting in Blacklight

Painting People

Painting an organic, three dimensional and moving shape is a challenge. If a blacklight is added, things get even more exciting. As soon as the object starts to move, the painting moves along, coming to life. The challenge is to play with this and make use of it.

The parts you don't paint will not appear in blacklight. They have no fluorescent pigment to reflect the light. The unpainted surfaces will stay black. That's interesting, because that way the unpainted parts of a three dimensional object don't exist in the dark.

It feels like magic to turn a person into a seemingly other creature. This also counts for the so called 'belly-paints', painted bellies of pregnant woman. The magical aspect of the creation of a human creature becomes emphasized in a beautiful way.

I accept assignments (including photo-shoots), so if you would like more information, please contact me.

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Project Mail Art

Project Mail Art is an initiative of Ed Hanssen.
Any artist can sign in, and will get a little booklet, made by Ed.
The artist will fill it up with artistic content, and send it back to Ed.
In exchange Ed will return a booklet filled with his own artistic content.
The booklets will be exhibited and are not for sale.

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