Rachel van Balen - Dutch Visual Artist (MFA) - lighthouse painter
Rachel van Balen - Visual Artist - MFA Master of Fine Arts
Rachel van Balen - Beeldend Kunstenaar
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The entire world, with everything in it, below and above, is my inspiration. This amazing arrangement of details and possibilities, full of sensations, colors, lines. Endlessly surprising. I’m thankful for the creative talent I have gotten, and even more thankful for being able to make my own world and the world of others a little bit more beautiful and meaningful through my talent. I like expressing my own ideas, but also like to work for assignments.
Rachel van Balen, 2017

Kunstmaand Ameland 2016 - een beschilderde vuurtoren!
Read about this in Project Verslagen or check out my facebook page Rachels Lighthouse Ameland

My paintings are for sale, and for rent.
Prices of my work are between 100 and 3000 Euro's. Spreaded payment is always an option. Rent-prices are 1% of the sales-price a month. Each month you rent a painting you collect money to buy a painting later on. I accept assignments for paintings and murals, as long as I'm free to use my own creativity. Starting price is 25 euro's an hour.
Rachel van Balen - Emmastraat 15/A224 - 9722 EW Groningen - +31612975870 - info @ rachelvanbalen . nl

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